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Rep Requirement for News Posts.

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Dear OCN Moderators,
I have seen an increase in spam in the news section, so I think a rep requirement of 35 (the same as selling something) and a post requirement would be nice to prevent this from happening. Maybe a little lower, but just something to keep this from happening, I like looking for real news, and these spammers are hurting this site and I think it's an easy fix. Please do something about it.
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Originally Posted by ninjinsamax3
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But what if the spam bots start clicking on reps? Repping their other spam bots? We have to think about that? It'd be even worse if they rep people out of no where.

LOL, repping out of nowhere... I have been on this site a little more than a year.. last week or the one prior was when I received my 1st rep.... so I will take some spam bot reps.... LOL J/K
also... ninjin... we are folding buddies/// .lol
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