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Replace CPU Socket?

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I have a trade with someone for my mcp350 pump and he is offering me a p6t deluxe with a broken pin in the socket, Is there a way to replace the socket or would Asus replace the socket for a fee?
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No, you can't replace the socket. You would have to RMA the whole board... of course, this would only work if the warranty is still valid.

How exactly is it broken? Is it just bent, or entirely cut off? If it's actually broken off, there's very little you can do, I've never heard of a successful CPU/socket pin repair...
yea I called ASUS and they said they can repair but for $120 is that even worth it for this board?
Maybe you could get the original owner to RMA it and say it came with a broken pin.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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