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i am taking my asus p67 deluxe tomorrow for a b3.
So i just want some info
1 what bios should i flash to 1502 or 1503
2 i have a intel 80g ssd dose it matter what dark blue port i plug it in to.
3 should i use all the dark blue ports for my drives there all sata 2
4 i read that it a good thing to take out the battery on the board when you get it to reset it. is that true.
well thats about it.
one more thing i don,t think i have to redo windows but is it best to do so.

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1. Usually you should flash the latest BIOS.
2. Nope. But you should plug it into the 6GB/s port.
3. Doesn't really matter.
4. It just clears the CMOS, it does reset settings.
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