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Hi guys!

Im looking to replace my K95 RGB Platinum, reasons are:

Keycaps - im no expert but I did not like the feeling of them.
Macros - they are great but Im a gamer and I dont find use in them, instead I always press M6 instead of CTRL
Size - I think its huge

What Im looking for is:

- Cherry MX BROWN option- no blue (I have a gf that needs to sleep), no red/speed (way too sensitive)
- RGB if possible - (Im not a fancy RGB fan but sometimes I game in the dark and lights are good for me and the idea of being able to once in a while switch the color)
- Volume wheel - this is important to me as I play a bunch of games which volumes may be higher or lower then the others (I could use FN option too but I rather not)
- Media keys - simple ones (play, forward, rewind, stop)
- Windows key lock (although I think every keyboard has one)
- Numpad
- NOT AT ALL RED LED BACKLIGHT (althought the HyperX FPS Alloy seems a great keyboard I hate that backlight color)

I used to have a G810 I dont want to get again.

Thanks in advance!

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G910 I love :)
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