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Replacement MB Recommendations - Q6600

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Please look at my "dev-box" configuration and help me the best possible replacement board for my Q6600. I'm only going to be using one of my 8800 GTX video cards on this new motherboard so SLI is *not* a requirement.

My biggest requirement is overall stability of the board at stock speeds - although having a board that is o/c friendly with my Q6600 would be nice...

I have a P5N32-E that is very likely going to end up on it's second RMA back to ASUS and at this point I'm probably going to just say to hell with it and get a different board altogether...

I'm considering the P5E X38 but I'm not sure I want to drop another two whole bills on a motherboard. This P5N32-E was my first experience in the $200 M/B range and what I've not been quite so lucky with that one...
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I have no trouble recommending the Asus P5Q Deluxe. However that suggestion could change depending on your budget and/or any other personal requirements.
Don't bother with the P5E, drop another $20 and get the P5E Deluxe. (I own one of each.)

ASUS makes much better Intel chipset boards than Nvidia chipset boards.
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