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Replacing PSU Fan questions?

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I am in the process of sleeving all the cable from my PSU, I change from a blue theme to a red one and I am going liquid. My question is, I have a blue LED 120mm fan inside my PSU, I would love to change it for a red one or if possible just cut the cable going to the LED?

My first choice was to change the fan for a better one and then I notice the connector for the fan inside the PSU is only a 2 pins connector and all the 120mm fans I have at hand have 3 pins connectors, is it possible to swap the two connectors and just dont use the cable for monitoring.

Or like I said just cut the cable going to the LED but I am wondering if it going to create any kind of problem.

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you could change the fan pretty easily but opening the psu would void your warranty.

and yes you could just not use the rpm wire

cutting the led wires would cause no problem, but may still void the warranty

edit: led fans are all different though, some the wire is wrapped around the fan housing, others there are multiple wires going out from the motor to each led
I've replaced the fan in the PSU before, though it will void your warranty...

If you have a three pin fan, just cut the yellow fan and use the red and black, then cut off the two pin header from the PSU fan, and solder the header and the new fan's wires together...

There is no "cable" that goes to the led... just the ground, postive and negative, so I would recommend just replacing the fan altogether
Thanks for the info, I don't care anymore about my warranty, I already opened the PSU.. I am sleeving it presently.

Look at the second picture you can see the small cable going to the LED, this is my fastest solution, just cut it, I just don't want to burn my PSU.

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ah, you could try replacing the LEDS, though that would be more of a hassle than to replace the fan entirely
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