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Reputation Defined

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Please help Overclock.net define "Rep", please read the following and provide your comments. Excuse any typos, miswordings etc. I am tired

Reputation Overview
-Reputation is a feature within the forum that allows members to acknowledge other members for leaving posts that are beneficial to the forum and it's membership as a whole.
-You can leave reputation by clicking on the REP + button, which appears within each member's postbit, every time they post.
-You have the option of leaving a comment along with your rating. This is highly encouraged.
-All members start off with 0 reputation points. It will increase with every Rep you receive from other members.
-Your reputation appears in your "postbit" alongside each post you make.

What is Unique Rep?
Unique Rep is the marker that shows how many different people have given you rep. If you wrote 5 great posts and I decided to give you REP+ for each of them your Rep would increase by 5 but your Unique Rep would only increase by 1.

When should Rep be given?
Reputation should be given to members who make posts that are beneficial to the forum and it's membership. When you give rep, keep in mind that members with a high rep will be perceived as "top members" in the forum. Give rep wisely!

When should it NOT be given?
Reputation SHOULD NOT be given for matters of personal gain. This includes giving rep to friends for any reason, for gmail accounts or anything else that does not benefit the membership as a whole.

Reputation Etiquette
- Do not beg for rep.
- Do not hold grudges with rep. Give rep to ANYONE who posts something that deserves acknowledgement.
- Do not create multiple accounts to give rep to yourself. You will get caught.
- Do not give rep to a post of a member just because you like them. The POST itself should be worthy of the rep.