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Dear people, I'm begging for some assistance with my issue.

I have the Asus P8Z77-V-LX ATX and my audio seems to be much worse then my previous pc especially the microphone.

I'm currently using the razer carcharias which works perfectly fine, its my pc thats the issue.

When on skype call there's a fair amount of static, not that your going to notice at first when receiving that call, but its just about audible. Im suspecting its a power cable causing the static but i moved as many as i can out of the way. Also im noticing the audio quality works better on my other pc and laptop but not on this one. Its just not as clear.

Will buying an Asus 7.1 XONAR/DSX solve my audio issues and make my carcharias sound better and also remove this microphone problem?

Or shall i consider for example the Tritton 720 which comes with its own sound box and is 7.1 ready?

My aim is to get great audio quality and eventually change my carcharias for a better sounding headset as much as i love this one.

Please some help would be lovely
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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