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Res. or T-Line?

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I would normally use a res. but my specific one doesen't play well with being mounted vertically, and that's the only option I have. Should I get a drive bay res. or a T-Line?

I'm also a little confused on how a T-Line works. Is it the same thing as a fill port? Do I need a special connector?

Thanks for the help

I would type more but my hands are freaking cold and I can barely type correctly as it is.
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a res is recommended for easier bleeding but if you are good enough you could use a t-line. It's whatever you're comfortable with and how much experience you have.
Would I need something like this for a T-Line?
Or am I going in the wrong direction?
A T-Line just bleeds a littler slower. A bay res I can generally get 90% bleed in about 5 minutes.

With a bay res like this just put a thick book under the front of your case, that keeps coolant over the barbs in the back so it wont keep sucking air. I've used this one a lot and like it.5.25" Bay Res

For a T-Line you just need a plastic "T", put it right before the pump with a length of line on the upright part, thats where you will fill and bleed at.

I use one of these to cap with at times, its my favorite really.Brass Fill Port .

Or something as simple as these, you can make those easily with some brass rod if you have any.1/2" Brass Plug

You might be able to use a little Swifty micro-res, they work well to, I've used them with dual pump set ups and I never had any problem with them, they bleed fast also.Swifty Res .
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Thanks for the links, Will probably just do a T-Line.
I'd +rep you but you're a mod. :O
t-line doesnt need to be very long, an inch or so is ok, just as long as it is the highest point in the system to collect bubbles.

I would personally would not buy a $12 fill port when a $.20 plastic plug will do

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Thanks for the links, Will probably just do a T-Line.
I'd +rep you but you're a mod. :O
I would recommend a reservoir for fast bleeding.

I'm using a tee line, and it takes noticeably longer to bleed. I will be switching to a reservoir soon.

If you do opt to get a tee line, the benefit is that it takes up less room.

You'll want your fill line to be about a foot (12") in length or so, for easy filling and bleeding. I would also suggest that you DO invest in a fillport. It is very helpful for filling the loop.

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i opted to a tline since i ive some how filled up my stacker [the case seemed so huge when i first got it] i have the Dangerden Fillport kit, while it cost a bit more then a plug or whatever, it looks much nicer [well once i get the parts to fix my dremel and actually install the fill port] so it comes down to how you want it to look and if you want to put a little bit more time into it.

as far as time to bleed it took me all of 3 minutes to get everything bled, but then again i had everything setup outside of the case to begin with so i could flip/twist/rotate the components easily to get all the air out.

also, if you are going to be switching coolant/parts out frequently i would look into a drain port, which is just the oppisite of a fill port, it sits on in the lowest point of the system and lets you drain the system faster
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to my understanding ,, a T line is an elimination method of the reservoir in tight case applications , if you have a smaller case or just no where to put the res ,,, a t - line in theory would be the way to go ,, but a friend of mine bled his system within like a couple minutes using a reservoir like a previous poster had stated.
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