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Resident Evil/Umbrella Case Mod

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Update: Started a Case Mod Worklog here:


I've got a new idea for a case mod. When my extra RROD console is returned from Microsoft, I'm going to be painting it gloss black.

I'm then going to hand painting the Umbrella logo onto the top panel of the case, with a mixture of Red, Black, White, and Gray paints. I'm going to finish it off with a texture effect with a mixture of blacks to give it a textured look to the final logo.

When it's completely done and painted, I'm going to cover it with a clear coat. It will be all hand painted and touched up numerous times, as well as using a type of stencil if needed.

Here is a quick mock up of what the product is to look like in my view, although it will be nowhere near as textured as the image below, it is a mere design idea.

I'm also interested in an acrylic window in the design of the Umbrella logo, with the painted colors painted onto the acrylic window. I have no idea if that would work or not, but it would give it a some-what nice effect.

Let me know what you think

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Very sweet idea. Subbed!
Hell ya! thats awesome ahaha, would infect many humans to get the cool Resident Evil Umbrella logo on my computer case lol
an acrylic window would look pretty sweet!

Yeah the window would look nice. But instead of trying to paint it you should maybe just get a like sticker made...?

Originally Posted by unl3a5h3d View Post
Yeah the window would look nice. But instead of trying to paint it you should maybe just get a like sticker made...?
Excellent idea.
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Does anyone know where I could get a sticker made? I would rather have the sticker done but I've never seen a place that will do it.

Does anybody know of a place for a high quality image printed as a sticker?

Please let me know.

I like to paint, so I figured it would be a good idea. The window will be harder but seems more amazing. As for the sticker, I would like to try it out if anybody can lead me to a site.
I ordered an 8x10 Vinyl Sticker from a high quality art company, and it will need to be cut, but it should be the perfect size for what I want.

Originally Posted by halifax1 View Post
I ordered an 8x10 Vinyl Sticker from a high quality art company, and it will need to be cut, but it should be the perfect size for what I want.
oooh where did you get it and how much (if you dont mind me asking)
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I got it from fotostick.com, which is supposed to be a high quality print as long as I have a high quality image, which I took the original and ran it through filters in Photoshop and upped the sharpness to give it the best look possible. I know when printing there is a degrade in quality so I put the quality higher than needed in hopes that it'll work itself out.

It was a deal and I believe it's about $13 or $15 dollars for the 8x10 shipped to me. I will need to cut it since the Umbrella Logo is not actually 8x10, because there is black on the edges, so I'm going to be painting the console Gloss Black, and then apply a Clear Coat, and finish it off with the Vinyl Sticker. If it does not look good I will do a painting.

I'm also going to be painting a controller Gloss Black with a clear coat, or else find a Black Elite controller for cheap.

I'm also going to be changing the controller ring of light to Red possibly to match better since I don't want green. The ring of light for the console will also be red always.
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I tried adding more to my idea. I'm not finished. The White button is going to be black I'm thinking.

What about the red memory doors and sync button? Should they stay black? I was thinking the tray looks good as red, but not sure of the other things.

Should the tray stay red and the rest stay black?

Also, the console itself will be a glossy dark black, not the same black as an Elite. I just used an Elite for a mockup.
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Red doors for the memory card ports would look cool, But I would personally leave the disc tray chrome.

Can't wait to see the finished product.

BTW: In your picture you painted the IR port red.
Yeah. I was figuring the red on the IR and doors would look nice, also the console is an Arcade so the door is originally white not chrome, hence me wanting to paint it. I may make it all black.
Hooray for the bump Omega.

My first idea of using a sticker is not working so well considering it's been 11 days and still have not recieved it yet.

Hopefully soon or else I'll have to paint.
I got the Umbrella logo designed and it arrived to me finally!

I've ordered a seperate white 360 shell (top and bottom), so that I don't paint over my Elliott Smith case.

I'll create a new thread with the mod once I have started. The Umbrella logo looks amazing though! I also have more ideas in store!
Nice job, but you don't want to paint the ir lens red, or anything for that matter. Painting it will seriously degrade the signal quality from remotes and controllers.
Yeah, I'm not going to be painting it now. Possibly the memory card doors but that's it.
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