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Hey guys, I have been using AMD chips since the old P4 days, and things are not what they used to be so it seems, nor with amd.

First question, why does cpu-z show my core speed at 1.9 when nothing is happening, but if I do normal activity it bounces between 1.9 and 3.1 (on stock for now), and if I run orthos for a load test it stays at 3.9. I know this is due to a setting more than likely in bios, but what would that be called, I tried turning the LLC (I think that's what it was) off and on, and it made no difference.

I guess I will save the others for later.
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its called Intel Speed Step(EIST) I think from memory, turn it off problem goes away. Basically its clocking down your cpu to save power/heat. It will reside in your bios amoungst the cpu section. (sorry dont know your board)
Hope this helps


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Yeah. What Flux said. Most people, to my knowledge, disable just about all of the CPU features when they OC it, so that precisely that doesn't happen. Should be an easy switch to disable.
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Thanks guys, I have the EIST and something called CS1 that both do the same, so I disabled them both. All good now +rep
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