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Restore data from RAID 0

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I have the following situation:
There is a PC with 2x500GB HDD in RAID 0. The complete disk was used in the array. The RAID array was failed because of some power failure and so the PC didn't boot any more.

After that in the RAID BIOS the array was removed and created again with the same settings as before. I think it was a big mistake, but it is already done.
Of course the system didn't work after that and reported the disks as offline members.

At this point both of the disks were removed from the PC, so theoretically the data are still present on the disks. And it seem both drives are working (at least makes some noise

Is it possible to restore data from the disks?
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One of the disk caught on fire in the meantime
, so the question is outdated.
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Whaaa, how'd you set a hard drive on fire?
I have reconnected the drive to my PC to check it with a RAID recovery tool but some electronic circuit failed. There was a big smoke after some seconds and a very small fire. One of the IC was melt
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Ouch, sorry man, you might have been able to recovery it, but now it doesn't look good.

Sheesh, been here since jul 05 and no reps?
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