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Resurrecting a P3-866

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I figured I'd post this just for the sheer lulz factor.


So let's start with the specs:

Intel P3-866
DFI CA61 Revision something or other, based on the Apollo Pro 133 chipset.
512 megs of RAM (2 x 256 meg Crucial PC133)
Maxtor 4.3 gig HD
AGP Geforce 6200 (256 meg onboard)
A nice-looking but cheaply constructed case

At first I had a BenQ CD writer drive in the case. I ran into intermittent boot problems where sometimes the gol-danged thing just wouldn't boot a CD. More later.

Floppy drive was a complete bust. Yanked the cable and told the puter there was no floppy drive in the machine.

Memtest86+ 2.11; one pass, no errors.

Grab my WinXP CD, slipstreamed with SP3.

Here's where it got fun - "file corrupt" errors during the install. Get fed up, yank BenQ drive, slap in a Lite-On drive I have kicking around. Works beautifully. Stop to curse BenQ drive I spent $70 on in an emergency for my brother back in 2003.

Chuggachuggachugga off we go to install.

Before I go to the next post I will now regale y'all with pictures.

Before you all point, yes, I know the mobo is misaligned so the ISA card pins are a little out of the slot.. That's what I meant about the cheap case. The backplane can be bent out of the case if I'm not careful.

If I have to use this thing for a long time I might relocate it into a different, sturdier case.

Next post will have the CPU-Z and my impressions of older technology looking back from the modern era.

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So, as I mentioned I would give my impressions.

First, I was honestly surprised to see that my eVGA Geforce 6200 card worked. The mobo only has AGP 2X support so it will not be speedy by any means. Second off, even with just 512 megs of RAM and a slower processor, with a GPU running a HUGE monitor by the standards of the day (1680x1050 on a LCD 22"), it doesn't actually feel much slower. That said I really noticed the difference when I was cropping the pictures to show you folks; Paint took a second to readjust the image whereas my Athlon II X4 or even my Pentium Dual Core laptop would have made the change essentially instantaneously.

And I'm using Firefox 3.5.5 as we speak and it doesn't seem terribly sluggish or anything.

Gives some credence to the notion that one might just be a tad spoiled by all this new hardware out there.

(Am however not going to abandon my plan of getting a C3 Phenom next year
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1.7 V

Wow, now you can get an i7 920 to 4 GHz at 1.4 V.
Pff, my Athlon XP is better. (joking)

I've really gotten into rebuilding these old rigs, great fun to get them working.
I need to get some proper DDR RAM for my Athlon XP, the stuff I have in it now doesn't clock at all.

You should try to overclock it.
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I just got an old P1 90Mhz up and running, with only 8mb of RAM. I'm stuck running Windows 95, and I don't even have a working CD-ROM right now. It is pretty fun messing around in those old machines. I have an old 8088 CPU laying around (my first DOS compatible PC) but my dad sold the rest of the machine a long ago.

What do you plan on running on that P3? Emulators work great, and if you get Windows 98 on there it would be a great DOS box if you're into that kind of thing.
I forgot to mention I upgraded the RAM to 640 meg as I just have way too darn many of these SDRAM sticks hanging around

XP seems a little snappier but that may just mostly be psychological. Question while I'm at it. What's the least painful way to migrate the partition?
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This thread is useless without proper Crysis benchmarks.

amidoinitrite Legendary?
Say, guys? What's the easiest way to migrate the partition from my 4.3 gig to an 80 gig?

Only prob is, the partition is FAT32 so I dunno if an 80 can be formatted that way or not.
Dont worry about migrating the partition youve got a WinXP CD just do a fresh install on the 80gig drive then you can format in either NTFS or FAT32 and yes FAT32 is okay on 80gig. Gee all this talk about old machines I might have to get out my old K6/3 450mhz @ 600mhz. Iwas overclocking them back then LOL
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