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Retiring old laptop, suggestions for a new one?

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Well the time has come, the old laptop (C-FIWS) so any suggestions for a non-company manufactured one (like Acer, Asus, HP ect... is a big no-no)
Budget: $1000 Canadian bucks
Needs: 500GB+ hard drive (5400rpm or 7200rpm doesn't matter) screen resolution of 1440x900 or greater, no screen size bigger then 17"
Purpose: web browsing, photo editing, video editing and the occasional game (nothing to intense, probably Halo 1.. maybe Halo 2 and FS2004)
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This is probably the closest you can get at that price point. What you're asking is almost hard to find at a low price. Just click on the link below in my sig and check out the Sager NP7752. The video card isn't going to do much better, but at least it beats Intel integrated graphics. Customize whatever components you need before you hit the $1000 Canadian price limit.
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