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I need to buy some new components for my HTPC, as during one of the last storms we had the 'surge protector' appeared to well, fail. As such, the PC was old (my old rig) and the parts needed some replacing anyway. Please give me your thoughts on wheather or not this new HTPC rig will meet my expectations

  1. Play back 720p video without any audio/video problems
  2. Play music for hours without issue
  3. File server with FTP access
  4. Powered on 24/7 without issue, rebooting rarely (will use sleep mode)
  5. Audio and Video through the HDMI port
Things I have
  • HDD (160gb C and 1TB data) drives
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
Parts I'm buyingConcerns I have already
  1. Will two HDD's fit in that case?
  2. Will the HDMI port on the video card output audio and video, and is the card more than I need for what I want?
  3. Is a Core2 Duo sufficient for a HTPC HD playback?
  4. Which OS is best for management and usage? I'm familiar with Ubuntu + Boxee and Windows, either of those two.

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1.) Yes & No,you'll need to get a 5.25" to 3.5" bay converter for 2 HDDs
2.)The card is more than you need. But yes it will do Audio/video over HDMI
3.) Yes the CPU is more than enough
4.) I would go with MythTV
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