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GALAXY GTX 780 Ti HOF+ - Performance Test



The GTX 780 Ti HOF+ is the top-end graphics card from GALAXY. GALAXY claims that the GTX 780 Ti HOF+ will be the highest performing GTX 780 Ti out of the box, though this crown has been overthrown by the mighty EVGA GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition few months later. This graphics card features a custom 2.5-slot dual fan cooler and hybrid heat pipe with Vapor Chamber cooling technology to ensure excellent cooling performance. The Hyper Boost hardware overdrive switch supercharges the card's clock speed to the next level of performance. The GTX 780 Ti HOF+ combines extraordinary power and cooling performance to provide an entirely new class of graphics performance. It is every overclocker's dream card and I am so lucky to get a hand on it and have it benched on my test rig.

Product Link: http://www.galaxytech.com/__EN_GB__/Product2/ProductDetail?proID=499



Full specifications can be found HERE

GPU-Z Information


On paper there is no doubt that the GTX 780 Ti HOF+ is indeed a monster. The graphics card offers 2880 stream processors, 48 ROPs, 240 TMUs, and 3 GB of GDDR5 memory on a 384-bit memory bus. Featuring NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 technology, the graphics card has a GPU base clock of 1020 MHz, a boost clock of 1085 MHz and the video memory is clocked at 1750 MHz (7000 MHz effective).



The GTX 780 Ti HOF+ ships in a white box featuring HOF design.


The back of the box describes some of the key features and specifications of the graphics card.


The GTX 780 Ti HOF+ features a 10-layer signature white PCB and 2.5-slot thick grey coloured cooler along with a pair of 90 mm low noise EBR liquid bearing fans on board.


The cooler is a The "Hall of Fame" logo on the cooler has a white LED backlight that pulsates when running. That looks stunning!


The NVIDIA GK110 Revision B1 GPU chip is soldered at the middle of the graphics card. For record, GK110 was first introduced as a Tesla-only product for powering demanding GPU compute applications. NVIDIA has now also released it as a GeForce GPU. It uses 7.1 billion transistors on a die size that we measured to be 561 mm². The GPU is produced on a 28 nanometer process at TSMC, Taiwan.


The GTX 780 Ti HOF+ is equipped with a 10-phase VRM, which uses CHiL CHL8318 controller, IR3550 PowIRstage DrMOS chips, and a total current output capability of 480A. All of these power delivery features should be adequate for extreme overclocking session.


The memory chips are based on Hynix-AFR GDDR5 that are known to have a great overclock ability.


The graphics card draws power from a pair of white 8-pin PCIe power connectors.


The SLI connectors are available for multi-GPU configurations that support up to 4-way SLI.


The I/O panel includes two DVI ports, an HDMI port and a DisplayPort 1.2. These four interfaces support up to four monitors simultaneously for 3D Surround setup. Besides that, we have an exclusive Hyper Boost button which will turbocharge the clock speed when pushed.


The aluminum backplate's unique design not only adds some aesthetic looks to the graphic card but also provides extra rigidity to the PCB. This is a welcomed addition to this new series of HOF graphics card.


The Hall of Fame cooler features a large aluminium fin heatsink, which is connected with four nickel-plated copper heat pipes measuring 8 mm in diameter to dissipate the heat efficiently. GALAXY utilizes the Vapor Chamber technology which is known to perform better than regular cooling solutions.


Included in the box is a pair of dual 4-pin-molex-to-8-pin-PCie Y-adapter, a user manual, a quick setup guide, the driver/utility CD, a DVI-to-D-sub adapter, a door hanger and a unique GALAXY paper figure.
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Test Setup



Testing Methodology

The Intel Core i7 4770K processor was overclocked to 4.625 GHz while all the graphics cards used were operating at stock clocks and equipped with stock cooler on air cooling. As for the GTX 780 Ti HOF, the Hyper Boost button is pushed throughout the tests.


The settings for the in-game benchmarks are listed in the table above.

Software & Tools


GALAXY Xtreme Tuner Plus is an innovative software for the hardcore DIY users. This is a smart design by GALAXY with years of experiences. Users could manipulate the BIOS recovery, fan speed, and overclock setting through the user-friendly screen panel. The new Xtreme Tuner Plus provides a redesigned UI and supports the GTX 780 Ti including thermal target settings, GPU clock offset and many more.


Besides that, the latest GALAXY Xtreme Tuner Plus also supports GALAXY PSMI PSU overvolting. It is excellent tool for extreme overclocking.

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Synthetic Benchmarks











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Game Benchmarks




Batman AO.png

















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Overclocking & Temperature



With the Hyper Boost button pushed and a supplied voltage of 1.187 V, we managed to overclock the GPU clock speed to 1274 MHz from 1124 MHz. At the same time, the video memory frequency was overclocked to 7800 MHz from 7000 MHz.

In summary, these translate to 13% and 11% for GPU and memory overclocks, respectively. In the 3DMark (Fire Strike) benchmark, the overclock helped the graphics score to improve by 13%. The maximum temperature hit 68°C and we believe that there's still a room for improvement with further tweaks. It must be mentioned that the room temperature during the test was around 31°C.

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Thoughts & Verdicts

GALAXY did a really great job with this, combining the state-of-the-art cooling solution, high factory overclocks, stunning looks and high grade components to make the GTX 780 Ti HOF+ among the fastest and greatest NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti to date.

The GALAXY GTX 780 Ti HOF+ runs like a charm in almost any latest game title to date at maximum details and high resolution such as 2560x1600 or even a 4K panel. Having a highly factory overclocked GPU, this graphics card is certainly among the most powerful models in its category. It is faster than the ASUS GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC in most of the game benchmarks.

In terms of overclocking, we were expecting more on the GPU under air cooling. It is understandable that silicon lottery plays a very important role in this too. If you are lucky enough, you will get a good card with a great overclocking chip.

The exclusive HOF cooling solution featuring hybrid heat pipes Vapor Chamber technology works intelligently and able to keep the graphics card at a low temperature and silent at the default fan profile.

If you are in the market for the best GTX 780 Ti based graphics card, take a look at the GALAXY GTX 780 Ti HOF+; you will not go wrong with this.

Last but not least, we would like to thank GALAXY for sending us this sample for review.

Performance: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Specifications: 5/5
Appearance: 5/5

+ Outperforms GTX TITAN, GTX 780 and R9 290X
+ Equipped with high quality components
+ White PCB looks stunning
+ HOF cooler is cool and quiet at default fan profile
+ Unique backplate provides extra protection to the PCB
+ Included the improved Xtreme Tuner Plus for overclocking
+ Great accessories package

- Overclocking ability could be improved
- No dual BIOS chips
- Takes up 2.5 slots so beware of that if you are going to SLI them on your motherboard, they are huge!
- The fan could be loud when spinning at full speed (100%)
- Game is not included

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very comprehensive and well-written review. Thank you for doing this. I have a GTX 780 HOF and its a little disheartening to see the HOF Ti being significantly better haha.

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11,000 frames per second?!

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Originally Posted by Coach Mcguirk View Post

11,000 frames per second?!
Sorry for confusing. That would be the Score obtained from the benchmark tool.

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Awesome results and a couple of PMs sent your way OP!

I have this exact card and I hope to learn to OC my card with your settings good sir! Noob at Ocing kepler!

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Thank you for liking guys. I've revised the review to include WaterCooling section with the EK-FC 780 (Ti) GTX HOF White Acetal-Nickel water block supplied by EK-Water Blocks.

WaterCooling the Graphics Card

The move to water cooling a graphics card is an attractive one. It guarantees a far better temperature, lower noise levels and even better overclocking. Today we are going to be mounting the brand new EK-FC 780 (Ti) GTX HOF White Acetal-Nickel, playing with coolant and tubing and all other water cooling parts in the pursuit of lowering the temperature of the GALAXY GTX 780 Ti HOF.



Getting right down to it, we can see that there was a slight difference in the idle temperatures, but there was a little bit of heat contributed by the overclocked CPU in the same loop as well. With just the graphics card alone in the loop, I think we could have seen 33°C at idle, but 35°C is fine with me at this point.


To give the graphics card the most abusive condition, we tortured the card with FurMark GPU Stress Test for 10 minutes. We saw a huge difference in the results. With the stock fan profile controlling the fans slope, we obtained 75°C with the GALAXY HOF air cooler. On water with this EK water block we got a huge 27° drop. We didn't see the GPU temperature rise above 50°C no matter how long the graphics card was stressed.


We then took the watercooled GTX 780 Ti HOF card for a spin on the Battlefield 4. The results were astonishing to say the least, almost a 20°C reduction in load temperature. But then again, there might be a little bit of heat dump coming from the CPU in the loop as well. So the result for the watercooled card alone is expected to be even better.



With the EK-FC 780 (Ti) GTX HOF water block, we obtained a huge overclocking improvement on the GALAXY GTX 780 Ti HOF. In the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark, we were able to overclock the card to a stable 1392 MHz of GPU frequency as compared to 1274 MHz with the stock air cooler. It showed that watercooling is a perfect companion for overclocking. However, the modded BIOS didn't allow the memory to be pushed any further. Nevertheless, it added another 831 points to the graphics score which is quite impressive.

The original review can be found HERE
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