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Update two weeks in:

I did the ol switchback to the deathadder 3.5 and even tho it feels like a brick now, the differences in tracking are glaringly obvious..
Side by side you can tell the difference but when using the xornet, you cant really tell so. There are no big downsides to it, just many small ones.

I would never comromise with the tracking so this mouse is a no go for me.
I want to try the cm spawn obviously but its more then double the price of the g400.. : S
So the g400 next! : ]

im one week in testing. strictly subjective.

plenty of jitter with all firmwares on the xornet. only the lod is the big change.

some initial observations:
cant tell if there is angle snapping with any settings any firmware.

can feel some slight positive accel when beginning a movement, very very little and certainly decreased somewhat with v75 firmware.

a tiny "floating" feeling.. seems less with original and older firmwares, but they are unusable for other reasons. at first i thought it was the hertz but it wasnt, now im thinking the floaty feel is an indication of reduced latency rather then the opposite which was my first reaction. v75 is the way to go.

using 1khz 2000dpi ingame, the jitter is just below what is noticable, which is the bottom line with this mouse, all the little errors are below what you can notice, and only creepy up once in awhile.

im surprised by the buildquality and tracking, i originally bought it just to test the shape of the spawn, now im thinking, might stick to it.

the shape:

its very nice, the mouse is smaller then it looks on pictures, and i thought it would be wider.
side buttons are located where i naturally want to rest my thumb.. seems to me it would be more ergonomical, altho counterintuative to put the rubber or rest where the buttons are, and put the buttons lower.
you will quickly adapt to this ofc, and we will see what my wrist tells me after a couple of weeks. no problems as of yet, the shape is really the main selling point to this mouse i feel. very refreshing after using the big and heavy deathadder 3.5 for so long.

stay tuned for updates. : ]


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The Xornet is known to jitter at 2000 dpi and some of your problems may also be attributable to that pad, as it tends to perform better on lighter colored pads. Switch pads and run at 500 or 1000 dpi and I think you be pleasantly surprised. If you must use a high dpi then I'd recommend the Spawn.
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