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Since some people were demanding a review I figure it would deserve it's own thread since it will be quite long, but if it needs to go in the sticky then I guess can a mod just move it in there??

Here's the OEM Specs:


3. Screen Size - 27" Viewable

4. Refresh Rate in ms. - 8ms (avg.)

5. Max resolution - 1360x768

6. Inputs - DVI, VGA, Component YPrPb & YCrCb, TV-in, Composite (RCA) S-Video

7. Brightness - 550 cd/m2

8. Contrast Ratio - 900:1

Ok, I really waited to write this review until I got full use out of the television, meaning PC use and HDTV. Now this monitor is great but I'm going to be honest about it and not just rant, that this thing is HUGE and the best thing out there.

I received the monitor yesterday with much joy, and this monitor is really big from the pics you see from my other thread. The actual look of the LCD is very classy, all black with no cheap looking plastic parts, definately looks more like a TV you would put in your living room than being used as a monitor.

Setup was easy. Nothing much to it there, you plug it in and connect a VGA or DVI from the computer. Since my DVI didn't come until today I used the VGA connection. By default the monitor goes to 1024x768, pretty blurry. So I go into the menu and you are allowed to change the Ratio to 1:1 or 16:9, in 1:1 you can actually set the resolution. The highest supported is 1360x768, but the native is 1280x720; in 1360x768 the text is MUCH MUCH clearer. Why ViewSonic decided that 1280x720 was the native I do not know why but thankfully you can get a better resolution.

Screen Impression
So, my first impression of the screen was so-so, but after being able to change the resolution the picture is imaculate, very bright but I'd rather be able to turn down the brightness than rather it not be bright enough. The blacks are truely black it's crazy, the only time it doenst seem so black is when the whole screen is black, but when there are black areas on the screen the contrast with the lighter colors make it look dark, very dark for an LCD.

Response rate is good, rated at 8ms, I dont see much difference from my 12ms 19" Viewsonic which is good becasue I figured there might be a little more since the screen is so large but there's little to no ghosting.

TV Impression
The second reason I got the monitor was for the TV aspect. Pretty much an all-in-one for my room. This monitor is HD-Ready and supports all resolutions up to 1080i. For the money this is the cheapest 27" TV with these kind of specifications. Which to me is pretty much a steal.

Regular Analog TV isn't the greatest but that’s what you're going to get with any HDTV, there's no way around it. Today, however I got my HD cable box and the digital cable channels look much better and the High Definition is truely amazing. I really can't believe I have HD in my room at a push of a button, never thought I would have it as soon as I did when I first saw it when I was in high school.

Thankfully I get about 12 Channels in HD with my box so that's good and well worth it. So if you ever decide to get this monitor, don't stop at the PC, get HDTV as well, it's wonderful on this thing.

TV+PC Impression

I’m not sure how many other LCD TV support PIP but its awesome, the ability to watch TV in a small corner of the screen and be on the net, do a project, whatever you can atch TV with sound. The sound is great because most PIP TV’s don’t offer the PIP screen to have sound, but the smart people at Viewsonic knew people would be doing what I just explained. The HD channels come in great too at even more clarity, though small mini HDTV is just as clear if not clearer.

So now that I mentioned that here are my gripes

1) Dead Pixels

Yes, every consumers worst nightmare of TFT's, I have 5 of them which is too much in my opinion and I'm in the works of getting a new one cause 5 is way too many. 1 I could deal with but it doesn’t really take away from the HD experience or the gaming experience, I can really only see them while I'm on the internet since there is a lot of blank space on webpages...so no big deal, just an inconvenience.

2) DVI Resolution Setting

For some reason you cannot change the reolution in the DVI setting, it's always 16:9 and when you try to force 1360x768 it goes directly to 1920x1024. I figure this is because of the HD settings as there is nothing in between 720i/p and 1080i. So if you are looking to get the best picture that fills up the whole screen use a VGA cable, the DVI looks the same but I'd rather have the whole screen filled up.

3) HDTV through DVI has no Audio Input

So this takes some explaination. If you are using the VGA cable for you Monitor, your only choices for PIP Input is S-Video, TV, YCrCb, and DVI but the HD box goes through YPrPb so you need to go with DVI to get the best picture. However, DVI has no sound input other than a Headphone jack. You need to go and buy a Composite Audio that converts it to a 3.5mm Headphone jack. YPrPb can only be selected if you use a DVI input for your PC, but you sacrifice resolution. So, if you use a VGA input for your PC the only way to have PC + PIP is via the DVI which needs a jack. Sorry if this sounds confusing but I’m using the LCD speakers and not a 5.1 HT setup (which would be the best and easiest choice, but hey beggars cant be choosers) .

4) Lack of Widescreen Support on most games, espically BF2

Not really the monitors fault but the software makers, What’s the deal??? With HDTV being such a craze it’s preposterous that Video Game developers don’t have Widescreen support for even 720i/p. I mean they make the games in HD for the old Xbox and can’t supply it to the PC gamer which is more hardcore for graphics than a console gamer. The resolution is ok, but it’s still stretched. I know some games coming out are going to have HD support but it shouldn’t be that hard. EA added 1280x1024 on their first patch…why not 1280x720 or 1360x768…is it too hard to make a different resolution??

So the last gripe doesn’t really count and the only major gripe were my dead pixels which I’m going to take care of sooner or later but it’s not a huge deal, since you can barely notice them.
Point Breakdown:

Price: 10/10

Where else can you find a LCD TV with so many inputs at this price ($740 @ Newegg). The TV retails for about $1,100 and Newegg must get a good deal on it, but overall this is a must buy if you don’t want to break the bank on an LCD that’s HD-Ready.

Initial â€" 10/10

Everything is clearly labeled and setup takes about less than 5 minutes to get a TV signal and PC signal at once

Fine Tuning â€" 6/10

If you don’t know what you’re doing this can take a while, especially when trying to find out how to get it to 1360x768, and I’m used to these things but the interface can get confusing and not knowing that you have limitations based on VGA or DVI PIP viewing. Not bad but not user-friendly

Features â€" 9/10

Has pretty much everything except HDMI, which my HD box doesn’t have but 2 Composite connections, VGA, DVI, AV, S-Video, you can pretty much run everything through this monitor/TV. The major plus is having the VGA since with DVI you’re limited to the HDTV settings.

Picture â€" 8/10

PC portion looks great at 1360x768, HDTV looks awesome but regular TV sets back the total 2 points, which really isn’t the monitors fault but most people watch regular TV and to be quite honest some standard CRT have a better picture because they aren’t stretched but other than regular analog signals the picture is phenomenal with HD….it’s so clear.

Overall 8.6/10

Overall this is a damn good buy, the only thing where it lacks is fine tune setup, which can take a long time if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. The parts that should perform the best perform better than I thought. PC resolution and HDTV are outstanding and Viewsonic did a wonderful job on this TV to be used for many different things and not just a TV.

Sorry for the loooong winded review but I hope it helps for future 21â€+ LCD members

**I did not factor in my problem with the dead pixels since it is an isolated problem and other reviews I have seen people seem to have none on arrival, so don’t let that deter you from possibly purchasing this great piece of equipment**

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You keep mentioning the picture being stretched, but doesn't your tv offer several stretch modes INCLUDING 4:3?

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16:9 and 1:1 through the monitor itself, I can however through the cable box view standard 1080i normal, 1080i Zoom, and 1080i strechd (with HD Zoom button) but I just keep it stretched cause it's not that big of a deal, I just mentioned that because most people do not like the screen being stretched but it's what you have to get used too if you want HD. Which on HD Channels the picture is not stretched, only analog channels

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I can't wait for mine to come!!!! it's on the truck to be delivered and should be here in a couple hours max. The only problem is I have class in an hour and a half and then i work 3-5... then after that I have to go to Buffalo to pick up a prospective student at the airport so I won't be back till about 10.... gah!
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