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Howdy chaps. I'm finally looking at redoing my audio, and properly for a change. First I'll detail what I have and what I plan to move into with the required details as listed in the stickied topic.

Currently I am just using a Steelseries H Wireless. Now the idea behind that originally was to get rid of wires, while they sound better than the previous headsets I owned, they were poor in the mic department (which has led to me purchasing a ModMic with the premise that I would eventually replace the headset with a real set of headphones, which is what I should have done originally) and that their comfort, while around the ears is fine, the headband is just unbearable now.

So what I've figured out so far, is the purchase of a JDS Labs - O2+ODAC Combo which is about $380 in AUD including delivery. I would appreciate any feedback on this (i.e. cheaper products that are just as good etc) to begin with, as this is my first DAC AMP purchase. If I've read the product correctly, I can plug my ModMic into this. I've also accepted the fact that I won't have wireless any longer, so I'll just pick up a cheap set of surround speakers later down the path to use while I'm not sitting at the PC.

Now for the hardest decision, the headphones. I've browsed the OCN's Recommendation thread for a while and I just can't seem to find what I'm roughly after. So here are the criteria:
  1. Budget is around $200AUD, will go to $270AUD.
  2. I enjoy a lot of techno, and a lot of classical, including a mix of the two.
  3. The trickiest criteria/s are that I'm after closed headphones, I do want the headphones to be fairly decent for gaming and finally I would really prefer over-ear.
  4. Mainly used for music and gaming, 50/50. But only ever used at my PC.
  5. So obviously Australian, I've only come across one decent website so far, being AddictedtoAudio and JabenAudio however I'm sure the community would definitely know some better places.
On a side note, how would one emulate surround sound when using the audio solution for gaming?

Thanks a lot for your time!

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First I want to say that you can NOT plug your microphone into the O2 system. You will have to get a microphone extension cable if you want easy access to a microphone port.

I am also not gonna lie, your prices on some of those headphones are seriously messed up. I do not even think it is because you are in australia, I think those two websites just have no clue how to price things.

In any case I would recommend you take a look at the sennheiser 558s and potentially the sennheiser HD600s.

It seems like from the second site you listed you can get the 600s for 330 bucks. If you shop around you might be able to find a better deal.

If you can not find some 600s within your budget, then I would get the Sennheiser 558s from PCcasegear for 200 bucks.

They are not as good as the 600s, but they do sound nice, and for 200 bucks it would be a good set of cans for you.
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