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RGB control under Linux mint 20

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Running Linux Ubuntu Mint 20 and trying to find some way to control my RGB lights, In my Alpha cool fans and my memory. They are Digital PWM fans and my mother board is a MSI 570 gaming plus.

I even tried the dragon software from MSI but it goes to install under cross over and then the program never shows up to be able to use.

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OpenRGB looks promising, though I haven't used it personally.

Other than that, there are several hardware specific applications, namely an MSI specific RGB tool, but it doesn't appear to support X570 yet.

Kernel devs have been discussing generic rgb control as well, not sure what came of that. I do see some LED kernel documentation here.
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CKB-Next works for me on my Corsair K70 Keyboard and Piper works for my SteelSeries gaming mouse. The profile is thankfully persistent with the SteelSeries, which is great because my system is not a systemd init. The Corsair however reverts to that stupid rainbow default whixh sux, but we're getting there.

UPDATE - I managed to get the required ckb-mext-daemon, designed to run on a systemd daemon supervisor to run in Slackware's BSD style SysV/Initd system with just 2 characters added to the launcher. It rtuns fine but even on systemd systems ckb-next doesn't (yet?) have an "animation=off" mode but futzing around with the configs give me a decent workaround where I get an acceptable static color
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