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in da freezing hell
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Hi all,

I'm looking to update my build, when GPU will get back to normal, from the total craze of today.
My rig is in signature.

The upgrade will be:
- GTX 1080 ti
- a custom loop from EKWB (CPU and GPU)
- a new case as there is no way you can have a loop in the V1. It'll probably be its brother, the V21

On top of this, I'd like to put some fancy RGB leds just to show off :)

I'm not clear on something generally with RGB stuff:
- I understand some vendors have monitoring SW that change the leds depending on load/FPS etc ... Are those softwares impacting the gaming ? Is it desirable ? Or better to have a remote ?
- power to the led: what are the best options ? SATA port (I have plenty free) ? Other ?
- can all solutions cycle colors ? Are there many colors possible ?

Sorry, maybe those are noobish questions, but I can't find answers online.
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