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Rheobus LED size?

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Rheobus: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16811998808

Does anyone know if the LEDs on this fan controller are 3mm or 5mm?

Thinking about getting 4 new LEDs:

I'm not liking this fan controller much though.. might just get a new one.
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Hiya Blizzie.

Ya I got that same controller in my system right now. I also have my setup in my bedroom and them leds are very bright and point right at my bed. I have little choice in where I position my case so I cut a piece of heavy paper to size so that I slip it between the Rom drive bays on my Antec, folded it so that it folds over/ontop of the leds.

Instant dark room. I did black the paper with a Sharpie and that helps a great deal. It doesn't look tacky at all and blends in well with the black Antec
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Well they are 5 mm bulbs. and youll be happy to know that the leads from the new LED's should just plug right into the board on the controller . They do not solder those on they are plug in type. I just took mine out. I dont need a light bulb telling me how loud/fast my fans are going.
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