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About to receive a macbook pro (13" core-i5) and its likely going to replace my desktop as i only use it for occasional gaming, music and school work.

I've been out of the 'scene' for some time now, so these parts are relatively outdated- a few appraisals would be greatly apreciated.

Rocketfish case (modded for cable management):
Q6600 G0 ~Lapped running @ 3.4 with 1.485V:
XFX 780i (Have original box/materials):
G.Skill π (2x2GB) DDR2 PC8800:
eVGA GTX260 [216c|55nm] (Currently sporting two 120MM fans on the heatsink):
2 x WD 640GB AALS:
PC and Power Cooling 750W:
Thermaltake Ultra 120 (lapped):
Chaintech AV-710:
22" Acer AL2216W:

Starting to become a BOFH
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Dibs on Q66 when I can.
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