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Im going to be getting the Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme 5.25" fan controller to be used in my new Coolermaster HAF 932 and I wanted to make sure I had the right equipment for the set up I am planning on using.

Instead of using the 230mm side intake, i want to replace it with 4 Scythe KAZE-JYUNI "SLIP STREAM" 120mm Case Fans and leave the other fans alone. My plan is to hook up the 4 side fans to one channel on the controller, the top exhaust to another channel, and the front intake to another.

In order to hook up the 4 fans to one channel, I would only need to get 3 four Pin Power Y Cables to hook them in, right?

The wiring would look like this i think:

FAN1--- \\
...........3|--- Fan Controller

This would work, right? Or is there something I'm missing.
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