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RIT Dying?

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Would soaking plastic parts in RIT dye work? Or would you have to boil the dye then soak it. I have a plastic front panel on my case and I want the change it up. Would I just sand it down, then dip away?
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I've dyed a few plastics and never did I sand the surface, I had left the original surface the way it was besides cleaning it. You will need to heat the dye up for it to affective, just about boiling is what I have done. Just be careful the part doesn't make contact with the container as it will most likely melt it. Large pots from discount stores or goodwill make good dye containers. You will not want to use good ones because the dye may work its way into the metal.

I've also done small parts in the microwave. If you mix the dye with water, put your part in, and set the time for a few minutes this can work as well. Most of the parts I have done were small and done black so I didn't really have to worry about over doing it.
Alright, thanks for the help. I'll post up some pictures after I'm done. I think I'm going to sand it down just a little bit, just to make it more porous.
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Is heating up that dye going to make my house smell like a meth lab?

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Is heating up that dye going to make my house smell like a meth lab?

I used to dye lacrosse heads a lot, so I guess I have experience in this.
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