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Rivatuner automatic fan control with SLi

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I've set up Rivatuner to automatically change the fan speed with the temps with the AutoFanSpeedControl on 3 and such.
The first card was doing it correctly and changing the duty cycle dynamicaly to the temp. But to let the second card do the same i set it up in Rivatuner too by selecting the card under 'Target Adapter'. The tutorial said it only worked for a single setup but it works fine with my SLi (or it just looks that way ...).

One thing I wonder about. The second GPU's temp dropped from 70°C on load with 30% fan to 57 immediatly after setting up rivatuner. Can I trust this or is it 57 with auto fan control on the screen but in the case it is really 70 with 30% speed?

I checked with GPU-Z though and he said the same as Rivatuner.

Tech info:
Sigged graphic cards
Rivatuner 2.11
Drivers 178.24
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After days of searching and researching, I finally came across this excellent tutorial that makes sense, is super easy to follow and works!

I also wanted to add to this video tutorial the fact that SLI fan control does in fact work with this video tutorial method.

***SLI TIP: Set your hardware range event monitor to whichever primary or secondary VGA heats up 1st between the two and the other VGA fan will follow those set parameters.
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