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Rivatuner Version 2.0 Release Candidate 16.1<br />
<br />
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What's new:<br />
<br />
* Added ForceWare 91.xx, 92.xx, 93.xx and 95.xx driver families support.<br />
* Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 91.31, 91.33, 91.45, 91.47, 91.48, 92.91, 93.50 and 95.97 drivers.<br />
* Unlocked transparency antialiasing settings for whole NV4x family on ForceWare 91.45 and newer drivers.<br />
* Added Catalyst 6.6 - 6.10 drivers detection.<br />
* Updated Catalyst 6.6 - 6.10 certified SoftR9x00 patch scripts.<br />
* Added support for AGP display adapters equipped with G73 GPUs (GeForce 7600 AGP AGP series).<br />
* Added R580+ GPU support. Thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with ATI RADEON X1950XTX display adapters.<br />
* Added RV560 and RV570 GPUs support. Thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with ATI RADEON X1650 and ATI RADEON X1950 display adapters. Please refer to "Known issues" sectuion for details.<br />
* Improved low-level hardware overclocking module for ATI display adapters. Now besides previously available optional Overdrive based driver-level 3D clock frequency control, power users can also activate driver-level clock frequency control mode even for low-end display adapters lacking Overdrive support. This mode can be used as a workaround for the systems, suffering from improperly functioning low-level overclocking methods. For example, memory clock frequency of currently shipped RV560/RV570 display adapters cannot be changed without casing immediate display image corruption by any third party low-level overclocking tool due to VGA BIOS script issues. Now you may try to bypass such issues by allowing the Catalyst driver to control the clocks instead of VGA BIOS. Unfortunately, ATI's own non-Overdrive overclocking interfaces are not ideal yet and may not work with some GPU families, that is why this option is not accessible via GUI and can be changed only by power users via EnableDriverLevelClockControl registry entry.<br />
* Added direct access to ATI RADEON X1000 flashrom chips. Thanks to Tamas Miklos for original flashrom access concepts. Now you can use RivaTuner's /BI command line switch for dumping VGA BIOS image on ATI RADEON X1000 family display adapters. Direct access to flashrom also allows to use RivaTuner's overclocking via VGA BIOS parser on non-primary RADEON X1000 display adapters.<br />
* Improved driver-level overclocking module for NVIDIA display adapters:<br />
o Now RivaTuner no longer highlights hardcoded Detonator family specific [90%;125%] safe clock frequency ranges on clock frequency adjustment sliders on the ForceWare drivers family and requests the ranges directly from the driver. This allows users to see NVIDIA control panel's allowed clock frequency adjustment ranges highlighted directly on the sliders.<br />
o Now RivaTuner automatically disables control panel's overclocking tab when enabling alternate startup daemon mode. This feature is useful when overclocking display adapter beyond the control panel's allowed overclocking range (e.g. when overclocking memory beyond 800MHz range on GeForce 7900GT) and it eliminates the need of manual disabling the control panel's startup daemon for preventing possible settings interference. <br />
* Added experimental limited Vista x32 support. Now all RivaTuner's low-level features including low-level overclocking, hardware monitoring, fan control, color correction and hardware diagnostics for both ATI and NVIDIA GPU based display adapters are also available under Vista. Take a note that currently RivaTuner doesn't support any Vista display drivers, so none of driver level functions (e.g. driver-level Direct3D/OpenGL settings tuning for NVIDIA display adapters and Overdrive based overclocking for ATI display adapters with separate 2D/3D clocking) are currently available under Vista. Drivers-level features will be completely supported and available only after official Vista launch only. Please refer to known issues section to get more info on Vista support.

</div>Get it here: <a href="http://www.guru3d.com/news.html#4474" target="_blank">http://www.guru3d.com/news.html#4474</a>
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