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RMA 65nm recieve 55nm 260?

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If I RMA a gtx 260 core 216 65nm will evga give me a 55nm in return since it is their new standard? or would i get another 65nm?
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probably a 55nm, cuz i don tthink they sell 54nm's anymore, well evga doesn't.
anyone have any experience with this?
Likely a refurb 260/216 65nm, I think that's what I got.
The card came in a plain white box, clam shell only, and the card had multiple S/N stickers on it.
They will give you what ever they have kicking around.

At this point, 65nm probably, given they definitely are not out of 65nm cards yet.
No doubt 65nm cards. There are still SOME in production, but I will probably think that you will get one.
You'll probably get a 65nm back
Almost certianly a 65nm card. There's still got to be plenty of them laying around. Also they will usually send you a refurb card as well so just because 55nm is the new standard doesn't mean they are going to send those out for RMA's on 65nm cards until they have to.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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