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RMA time already??/

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Last week, I thought I was Mr. Cool Guy and bought a brand new GTS 250.
Today, I almost regret buying it. I tried last night to use it alongside my BFG 9800GTX and couldn't get them to play nice. No matter what I did, I simply could not get them to play nice together. I was a little suspicious of the 9800GTX at first, because an oversight was made previously and it had overheated and artifacted. I decided to uninstall the GTS 250 first and test the 9800GTX by itself and what do you know?? Windows instantly recognized it as a 9800GTX/GTX+ and installed the generic drivers for it and at that point I could install the Nvidia drivers for it and it instantly began folding nicely.

At that point, I uninstalled all the nvidia software and ran Driver Cleaner Pro in safe mode, powered the system off, switched cards to the GTS 250 and booted Windows. It didn't know what the hell I had just installed. Mind you, 3 days ago, the card was flawless and folding like paper. Even now, it will not see the card as what it is nor can I install the Nvidia drivers. I am stuck with it as a generic VGA adapter on 800x600 resolution. I have tried all 4 PCI-E slots on my board to verify that none of the slots are bad. The 9800GTX works flawlessly on all 4 slots.

Am I missing something here??
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to me it sounds like its time to send it on a wee holiday
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FYI, cards of different RAM sizes, like 512mb and 1024mb are not compatible with each other, buttt if it doesn't work with one card I dunno. Try using the 9800's drivers. The 9800GTX+ and the GTS250 is like the 8800GT and the 9800GT. Otherwise it might be a motherboard incompatibility??? TAKE NOTE: I don't think the 9800GTX is compatible with the GTX250 in SLi. I think only the 9800GTX+(PLUS) is compatible in SLi.
Im not trying to SLI. I want to fold with them.They are both 512MB cards. The Drivers for the 250 and 9800GTX are the same.

I dont get it how it send video signal but Windows doesnt recognize it as a GPU
hmmm sorry to be off topic but what is folding? maybe any one has a link to more information, it sounds quite interesting!
Sounds like the GTS 250 BIOS has been corrupted.
I'd try to use a system restore point and see if that helps, Its worked for me a couple times in similar situations. And yeah I know how reliable the windows restore points are but when they do work it does help.
I agree with the bios problem, have you tried to flash a fresh bios on it?
No. i dont know how to flash GPU Bios. I am trying one last resort. The RMA is already setup but just for the sake of being thorough in my troubleshooting, I decided to reload the OS.
I'm unable to find an EVGA 512MB GTS 250 BIOS online.
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It appears as though the OS was the problem. I have reloaded Vista and was finally able to install the Nvidia drivers. Maybe the RMA isn't necessary after all.
Have you been able to install both cards at the same time?
Have not installed both cards at the same time yet, unfortunately. Just now finished making sure that the GTS works. Now since I have a naked OS, I need to begin the arduous task of reloading all drivers/updates/programs/folding/fahmon etc. Before I do that, Im gonna wipe the nvidia drivers with driver cleaner and start over with both cards installed. I bet the problem came from the 9800GTX and the GTS 250 not wanting to play nice with each other.
Hiya Smasher. Please keep us informed cause I'm a gonna get me one of these 250's next week to run with my gtx+. Good luck.
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