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I ripped off the lame Blue EPU and Asus metal stickers from my P5Q-Deluxe as soon as I got them few months ago. Now I am thinking about RMAing it. Will they take it?
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Do you mean those stickers that stick to your mobo when it's brand new?

If so, I don't think they will mind.
If the stickers covered the ram slots , yes.
Other stickers should stay.
One way to find out, check their support.
Asus RMA's support is terrible. I've been waiting 26 days now for my replacement 4870 and I've called them 3 times.
They keep apologizing but no activity other than that. gL
Not sure? ask them?
I doubt it. They probably got a trillion stickers they could just put back on it.

Originally Posted by BradleyW
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Not sure? ask them?

Why did you bump a 2 months old topic. You know, a lot of things can happen in 2 months.
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