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Roccat Taito - Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad. ROCCAT TAITO MID-SIZE 3MM SHINY BLACK GAMING MOUSEPAD. 0.1" x 15.7" x 12.6" - Black

Roccat Taito - Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad. Roccat Taito Mid-Size 3Mm Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad. 0.1" X 15.7" X 12.6" - Black Manufacturer/Supplier: Roccat Studios Manufacturer Part Number: Roc-13-050 Brand Name: Roccat Product Line: Taito Product Name: Taito - Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad Product Type: Mouse Pad Features: Non-Slip Color: Black Height: 0.1" Width: 15.7" Depth: 12.6"

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureRoccat Taito - Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad. ROCCAT TAITO MID-SIZE 3MM SHINY BLACK GAMING MOUSEPAD. 0.1" x 15.7" x 12.6" - Black
TitleRoccat Taito - Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad. ROCCAT TAITO MID-SIZE 3MM SHINY BLACK GAMING MOUSEPAD. 0.1" x 15.7" x 12.6" - Black
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
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Roccat Taito

review by arizonian

Roccat Taito line comes in three sizes and two thicknesses. I chose the mid-size 3mm pad. Pick size according to your desk space or playing preferences.

Replacing a Steelseries QCK+ the Taito is smaller size (see specs) and thicker in width. I've had this pad since February 2013. I've paired it with Savu, KPO, & ZA13. At first laying wrist over top was different than I was used to being thicker width but found the material soft, comfortable and became acclimated. I feel It's faster than QCK+ in speed / glide with no control or sensitivity loss.

If replacing a pad like the QCK heavy, the Taito 5mm will be suitable. 5mm also comes in small, mid, & king sizes as do the 3mm thick pads.

When first rolled onto my desk the pad had a ripple and it did not lay completely flat right away. I laid weight on the entire surface and let sit for 24 hrs which pressed it down and has laid flat since. The bottom rubber base does not peel over time and keeps pad from sliding on desk top perfectly. Once flattened it stays flat. The top is tightly woven, slick, heat blasted and bottom rubber base feels good. In two years I can say it's pretty durable and is made of high quality.

The pad logo in the bottom right hand side is a good place being small compared to other pads and out of the way. Logo doesn't wear much at all over time.

Durability is better than average IMO. It does have miniscule fraying which took a long time (do not recall exactly) and issues where wrist lays where the salt from sweat fades the shiny black to a dull white washed sort of look eventually, which can vary between users. When cleaned with wet cloth it appears to come off but reappears after time and use. I spilled lemonade on it once which was quickly wiped dry and able to clean sticky off pad with warm wash cloth. No tracking issues after it dried. I've purchased two Taito's, one for a son who is a heavy gamer and the other for myself, casual gamer. My son's had more white wash than mine and his started peeling off top left hand corner, where mine did not peel.

I have two of these pads on different computers and quality control is equally perfect. Consistency across entire surface. I'm always playing around with different pads but this size is just right for me. If all mouse pads were this size I'd have a hard time choosing. Puretrak Stealh, was too small for me as I ran out of real-estate gaming and it's bigger brother the Talent is to big like QCK+ became. Taito's line is great this way as it comes in different flavors of size and pad thickness. Nice black aesthetics that match any desk top scheme. No huge or obnoxious splashy logos. I've dubbed it the 'go to' mouse pad for most players being able to find one to fit their taste.

Price is fair, making this a solid cloth pad I can recommend to others and felt I'd share my experience. Rocccat came up with a very solid cloth pad that is as good as any Steel Series which makes a great alternative. After two years and five months I can't complain from what I've seen. It's the new king of black cloth pads in my book. I'm giving this a 5 star for being able to prove itself for performance through the duration I've owned it.

Click pic to see enlarged.

Top left hand corner peeled cloth from pad.

Worst fraying after 2 yrs 5 months

White wash from sweat.

Qaulity, durable and price. White wash from sweat over time possibly

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