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Rocketfish, Duorb 8800gt, NIB eVGA 780i SLI

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All of these are products I have won from competitions or raffle type deals, I have no need for any of them any more. The most recent won is the Rocketfish Case, It looks nice but this thing is HUGE. I got the case today from fedex, opened the box and took the case out i have my stuff in it now while the paint dries on my other case. Pictures up soon.

1. Rocketfish, New - Box Opened along with screws but all Items included.
2. eVGA 780i mobo NIB - Still Wrapped in cellophane.
3. XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Ed, used for 1 year with Duorb, no additional items included just the card and duorb.

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1. $120 Shipped.
2. $175 Shipped.
3. $100 Shipped.
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1: I'd hold the Rocketfish, personally... it's like having a classic car. It'll only get rarer in time.

2: Which mobo? They have a few

3: 100 seems fair.. I'd say 85ish without the aftermarket cooler.
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$95 shipped for the rocketfish and 8800GT
$150 shipped for the motherboard.
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