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Rocketfish Owners Is PC-343B Fan Module The Correct Item?

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Just wondered if my fellow RocketFish owners could tell me if this is the correct item to fit in the RocketFish bays

Lian Li PC-343B

Just wanted to be sure, as I see several "Fan Modules" now at when there used to be only two I thought.

See this one as well so not sure

And this one, I believe the same in Silver

I want to know if I can use the first black one I linked
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Will a mod please move this to the case section, I think the case mod section was the wrong place to post this.

Just a note, I had on in my rocketfish and it worked just great.
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Thanks guys, I will go ahead and order one from PPC's then.

Just wanted to be sure as someone told me either of the three might work but I just didn't like the "might" answer.
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