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It's been close to a month or so since I got the strix motherboard with GSkill 7600 DDR5 rams + 13900K. At the very first days I was able to boot and use the system with XMP 1 for a while before it crashed with bluescreens and random reboots. It wasn't stable at all so I just disabled the XMP and used Auto for all settings.

The rams ran at 4800 and mostly with no problems. While playing COD Warzone 2.0 DMZ I started to get random crashes and random reboots, sometimes in an hour, sometimes after 3-5 hours of playing. The only reason I tried long play sessions was to see if it would crash or not and yes it did most of the time.

Yesterday, I decided to play around a little bit more and saw that there was a BIOS update for strix (Version 0703). I updated my bios and tried XMP 2 @ 7600Mhz. The system booted but froze after 30 minutes or so while just browsing. Before the bios update I wasn't even able to boot with XMP 2. Then I ran memtest and saw I was getting errors @7600Mhz.

Now I disabled XMP and manually set the rams to run @6400 and everything works fine. No random freezes and no random reboots so far, even after long sessions yesterday.

I will play around a bit more with XMP 2 and 7400. I've read that running at maximum speeds is not good and it has a higher probability to fail.

(By the way I don't have a lot of experience with these things even though I've been playing around with pcs since 97).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts