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Room for improvement?

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Hey guys, I've been tweaking with my system for the past week or so and I think I've hit my optimal setup but wanted to check here with everyone to see if there was any room for improvement.

Currently I'm running at 3.3Ghz w/ 367FSB x 9 @ 1.41vcore (1.38 or so with vdroop) Idle temps are pretty low around 31c(core temp) and 55c under 100% load from orthos. I have my RAM diver at 2.66 which puts my RAM at 976Mhz w/ 4 4 4 12 timings @ 2.3vdimm.

Does anyone see any room for improvement? or is this a good setup all things considered?
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Looks good!

Could go higher on your CPU I guess?
That's a nice o/c, but it depends what you're after. If you have to push the machine to see how far you can go, try 1.5 volts and 400 FSB.

Personally, I run my 6600 at 3200 because I have to use it for work each day and want a stable, dependable PC. And I don't find that my activities (data access, compiling programs, editing pictures etc.) benefit a whole lot by running at 3600 - especially with all the added heat.

Time some of your more common tasks at your current speed and then push the chip to 3600 and see how much faster they run. You may or may not be impressed!

My 2c

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My only concern about pushing the CPU any higher is that the temps are already pretty high under full load. The thermal spec for the c2d's are 60.1c so I want to leave some buffer room between my max and that 60.1.c

If I have to push my vcore all the way up to 1.5 to get a bigger OC I dont' think i can go through with it because it will probably way too much heat for my cpu to handle with out extra cooling.

Thanks for the comments though!
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