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I started noticing my Rosewill 9100, cherry brown, experiencing key lag delay. It seems to happen in certain programs, when pressing multiple keystrokes rapidly, such as viewing photos. If I press the up or down keys to cycle, the keyboard will freeze for a few seconds waiting to catch up. This doesn't happen all the time and I seem to be able to type fairly fast on it without issues. However, the problem seems to come when they are the SAME key and pressed rapidly several times. The keyboard is plugged directly into the back of the motherboard and not a hub to make sure there is no issue there.

I am not a heavy gamer and mostly use my keyboard for typing or other software besides games. At times I do play games, but not to the point I would really notice some issues like this. Maybe some FPS gamers can chime in as well since that is a decent test for it.

Has anyone else with this keyboard had issues like this? Any recommendations on causes?

Should this become an issue, I will be looking for something else, but right now not a huge concern. Since I am not a big gamer, it doesn't have to be a back light keyboard, but kind of nice to have to help my eyes at times. Given I do mainly typing, I want to stay with brown or maybe blue switch types for whatever I may get. I am looking at the "Deck Tactile" models, but not sure what type of switches they use as they don't state on the web site. The Ducky Shine II looks nice, but no one has them in stock any longer and all say they can't get them and no back orders are allowed due to this. So, has to be something in stock in the USA or can order direct.

I have ruled out the Corsair K90/95, but am open to others so long as they are very good mechanical with brown or blue switches.

Thanks for any input
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