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Router/Modem trouble

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Ok, ive been having router or modem issues recently, ive ruled out the ISP, and cables, and NICs.
My router is a Dlink DIR-625 i am unsure of the modem, but it is quite old, at least 4 years old, i think its a surfboard modem if that helps. My connection, which is wired, along with my brother's 360 thats wired, and the wireless connections have been repeatedly dropping throughout the week. Ive been looking at different modems and routers, at this point, im not as interested in trying to fix the problem as i am trying to get replacements for them.

I am open to getting a router that is compatible with custom firmware such as tomato. I dont want to spend alot on either of them, but i need good wireless coverage for my home. I hope i can spend less than 100$ on both of them, although if it comes down to it i could always lease a modem from my ISP.

sorry if this isnt the right section, but i didnt see one for hardware networking. also, if anything seems hard to understand, thats the pain meds im on from a recent surgery...
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Last week I purchased a Linksys WRT54GL, it's a great router and can be flashed with other firmware also. I believe you can also put an original Cisco firmware on it to turn it into a very expensive router, others can probably fill me in on that
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I've got an old WRT54G Linksys that has had DD-WRT on it for years without issues and recently with my new mobo and dual NIC's I've had issues so I flashed Tomato firmware yesterday and they've seemed to go away.

Tomato is so much easier and lighter.. I would check into the possibility of alternate firmware but ensure your router is supported. Most of the BroadCOMM chipset routers are supported by the popular ones, ie: DD-WRT, Tomato, etc.
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Thanks for the help, i was looking at the WRT54GL, looks promising. As for custom firmware, what would be better on it? ive only got a few wireless connections and a few wired as well, and i like being able to customize different features.
As for a modem, any recommendations? or should i just lease the one that Charter has?
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