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I was curious as to whether this would actually work, but no success so far.

Current Setup
My desktop is a Ryzen-based system running Mint 18.3 KDE. My phone is an HTC One (M7) running Android 7.1.2 (SlimRoms). In Settings->Developer Options->Select USB Configuration I set it to Audio Source, and "disable automatic audio routing" is not set.

On the desktop in Settings->Multimedia->Audio Volume->Input Devices I can see the USB audio device as "One Analogue Input". In Pulse Audio Volume Control->Input Devices I can see the very same One Analogue Input and can see the meter move when I play audio on the device. However, I can't hear anything from the phone itself (which I expect) but I also can't hear anything through my headphones which are connected to the PC.

My interest in this comes from wanting to use the phone as a speaker phone (for voice applications such as Skype) and have the audio output routed through the PC. However, if there are other solutions (network audio server for Android?) I'd be willing to embrace those too. :)

Many thanks.
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