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rubbing compound on a lapped cpu?

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I lapped my CPU and was wondering if it would be a could idea to finish it off with some sort of rubbing compound to fill the tiny little holes that are left (did it all the way to 3000grit). I know that's the job of thermal paste but I don't think it can get in that deep just by putting a bit on then installing the water block and squishing it.

Any thoughts? Maybe i can take some AS5 and rub it in really well into the scratches, then wipe excess off, and apply normally.
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Sounds like an interesting idea. However if any air gets trapped because you didn't squish it, it will reduce effectiveness.

I suggest you try squish method, test load temps etc, take it off and test it the other way. Then you could let us know which worked best for you.
Just seat the cooler like you normally would. Rubbing compound may trap air and that would be a bad thing. You can try to push AS5 into the scratches if you want but it should not be necessary.
Rub in the AS5, wipe it clean, then apply and install like normal. I'm not sure rubbing compound is a great thermal conductor.
If you went to 3000 grit (and did it correctly), you have nothing to worry about.
Any imperfections left after that are so small they will make no difference.
Honestly, I don't think you'd see any measureable difference.

The 'scratch' that 3000 grit sandpaper leaves is about 34/100ths of the thickness of a human hair...


3.4/100ths not 34/100ths..

Even smaller.
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