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Running Muliple Displays affect Performance?

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I'm running a XFX Radeon HD 4850 Stock Speeds and on 2 displays.. My primary is a 22inch Acer LCD 1680x1050.. and the second is my LCD TV Samsung at 1920x1080..

I was just wondering if running 2 displays constantly affects the performance of the video acceleration? Its a hassle to keep disabling the TV display when not using it.. So i just leave it enabled and the TV off when not using it..

DOes this put more stress on the card overtime? and does it affect the graphics acceleration when playing games?
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When my Secondary Device is turned off (Samsung TV) The device on the on video card is still enabled and i can still drag my mouse over even though I can't see it.. I know its active..

I just don't want to stress out my card over time when not in use.. Or affecting the performance when not needed
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