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I'm working on multi-seat deployment that involves setting up multiple displays,
using a multiseat program called aster, www.ibik.ru for details
currently using Gygabite rx570 and Powercolor rx570 cards

Both cards are connected to 9 viewsonic va2407h monitors,
i often reset aster's multiseat and layout assignment to test a number of programs.

now the thing is, there's always 1 disconnected monitor that won't seem to connect no matter what i do.


Shown by smaller box with faded number in display in attachment)

restart, update / reinstall driver, tweaking all options in diplay, re-plugging both sides, wont fix it.

The only way to fix it was switch it with a brand new monitor or reinstall windows,
but then again after reinstalling another dead display will show up.

I'm still unsure what the exact cause is,
but is there anyway to mod the rx570 bios to fix this ?
I'm new at gpu editing so pardon me if i miss anything..

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