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Hi everyone, As title states I have the R9 580 TOP edition and it crashes when playing most games such as Monster Hunter which I am currently trying to play, overwatch, etc. the list goes on, the only two games that I play that don't crash are warframe and fortnite.

I was thinking maybe the newer games that have high memory usage might be causing a crash ?

I originally thought under clocking my graphics card by 10% fixed the issue because it did not crash until an hour in so I under clocked more and then relaunced the game but it seems to be crashing still within 5 - 10 minutes in game.

I am almost certain its my graphics card as its the newest part and crashes started occurring after installing it.

I have contacted Asus to see if they can resolve the issue but looking for anyone suggestions in the mean time.

By Crashing I mean locks up with a brownish red screen and I have to manually turn the PC off and back on.


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