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So i'm having issues with thermals in my new Phanteks shift case and all components are less than 2 months old so I will be sticking with them for a while. I have tried undervolting, underclocking and playing around with a custom fan curve but the card still sounds like a jet taking off when it gets up to 75-85 celsius.

I have looked into buying a G10 or 12 for my card but my issue is whether it will fit or not. I know the RX480 is pretty much the same card but wondered if anyone had already attempted this.

I live in New Zealand so getting hold of certain components can be tricky but i have found the NZXT G10 on sale over here for $20NZD which is a steal and was thinking of picking up a Corsair H55 to match it. I'm struggling to find somewhere to buy VRM and RAM heatsinks for the card though and I'm not sure if the size of these matter 100% as im pretty new to this custom build PC thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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