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If you see how many people are lurking the thread you know its not hardware.

Type winver into tge taskbar search, bet youre on 2004 or 20h2 (2009) version of windows.

It is borking a lot of ryzen users. You can increase stability by playing around with spread spectrum/HPET (bios and win)/c-states and get stable for a bit. I myself have a pc that exhibits crackling on audio randomly which is horrible for content creation.

I have just used RUFUS (program) to download a bootable 1909 ISO and will be rolling back. Micro$oft has really fkd up this time. Nvidia cards also have insane dpc latency spikes due to a power conflict in the standard drivers (ddu wipe and reinstall with dch is required to help a bit).

My dpc was consistently spiking to 5000 microseconds in games causing me to get killed and was making my sound card crackle.

Hope some of what i posted was helpful to you and others.

Btw if u do use rufus to roll back i highly suggest you use a win pro cd key so u can use gpedit (group policy) to change it so windows never updates. I honestly think pirates with cracked windows would be laughing at us right now.
I do know it is hardware though. I swapped CPUs and the issue disappeared.
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