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After getting a stable OC I had my startup time perfectly. My boot screens were fast and the second my desktop loaded the "ESET Security" Box would fade and internet would connect immediately.

However after turning off my computer completely to clean off a fan I turned it on and this time it took the built in LAN card a good minute or 2 to connect. Which in this case if the internet doesn't connect the computer itself doesn't seem responsive either. Programs would take longer to start, and it wouldn't wanna do much till it connected. I've done the basics. Reset connection, loaded an old restore point, turned off completely, deleted driver, updated driver, etc. But it still is doing it.

Any thoughts? Should I try an old BIOS? Would that reset the stable OC I got going. I don't wanna reinstall windows since I have everything setup and it's been running perfect with the recent OC and the few days the startup was ridiculously fast. But would it help?


P.S. Before you comment this is NOT a thread about startup times. I have the correct programs disabled for a fast boot. I literally changed nothing since I had it the fastest I've ever gotten it. It just randomly started doing this. So no need to post: "Set this setting to this for faster boot" as I am looking more at what could be the cause of the random almost 3 minute increase in connection time.
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