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Safe and Stable Overclock for an HD7770

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Hello OCN Community! I have an HIS 7770 GHz Edition card and I already OC'd the card to 1020 clock and mem speed to 1140. I am wondering if I can overclock more, and if so, what is a safe OC for it.

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How much you can overclock vary from card to card.

If your system stable now, you can try to slowly increase your values and stability test. To see where you stat to experience artifacts and slowly scale back to acceptable value
It is safe to O/C if you are smart. Look for your MAx Volt then from there see max GPU Offset then Mem offset. Keep it going up until you see artifacts / fail then scale down.
My old xfx 7770 topped out at 1150 / 1300. There is no voltage control on these as far as I know. But I did have to raise power limit to +20% for it to run stable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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