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Safe SB voltages

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My friend has an Asus Rampage (i think) with an X38 chipset whilst i have the Asus P5Q Deluxe with P45.

When he sets his Southbridge voltage, it has a maximum of 1.25v and even then it's in huge red letters indicating "danger" no doubt.

My board goes quite high, but 1.3v is in the middle, yellow section. Is 1.3v for a southbridge way too high? I had it on auto, but it was giving me stability errors given the amount of hard disks and arrays i have.
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No reason I can think of to why you'de want to change your southbridge voltage anyway, you don't overclock the southbridge, you overclock the northbridge.

Edit* Never ran into an issue like that because I only use 1 HDD. Hopfully someone else can give you a better answer, sorry ^^
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Because, I was receiving instability and crashes in Windows when i did anything intensive. Upping the Southbridge voltage fixed this.
1.3 should be ok..what temps are you getting on the southbridge?
I don't know, there isn't a temp gauge.

How do i find out?
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