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Safe temps for E8500

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I posted this under the watercooling section since this girl is wet all over.

I'm running it 24/7 @ 4ghz vcore @ 1.275 on load, max temp 40 degrees C. I'm trying to go for 4.25 had to bump vcore to 1.3125, running Prime 95 now. Max temp is 43 degrees with an ambient of 21 degrees. My ambient can go to 25, so this will get my max temp to the upper 40's.

I don't really want to go above 45 degrees, so what is the max safe temp of the e8500?

I will be getting my Heatkiller 3.0 LC during this week (hopefully) then temps will look a bit better.

EDIT: another thing, i did the vcore pencil mod on my P5E, but the vcore according to CPU-Z shows it's jumping between 1.296 & 1.288, it never did that, when i loaded the cpu it stayed @ a constant voltage. Should i be concerned?
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The max temp on that chip is around 70C. You have nothing to worry about loading in the 40's at all. That's really, really good. The vcore jumping like that could be because it's moving by like .001v, but CPU-z keeps rounding it up and down to the closest value.
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Thanks for the info m8.

Another thing i can't understand, with my fans on my either 900/1200/1500 or 1800 rpm my max temps don't differ @ all. I'm using zalman ZMF3's. Why is that? This is really cheap fans & i know they do a good job, does this mean the heat load i'm dumping is so small?
Yeah, just your CPU under load isn't going to dump much heat in the loop because it's just a 45nm dual core. You'd need more heat dumped in the loop to see a difference with fan speeds.
Well i have 2 mcr 220's a Apogee cpu block & a MCW60 Gpu block in the same loop. I guess this means i'm 1337. LOL, anyway thanks again for the info.
Haha no problem.

Lol run furmark on the GPU and prime95 at the same time, i bet that'll make the CPU temps go up.
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