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Safe temps?

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Since I'm getting a new video card in the next few weeks, I thought I should overclock my CPU. I set the voltage to auto (for now) its at 1.34V with CIEST and Speedstep off. With IBT, the highest temp was 63C. I think I can lower the voltage just a bump or two. Oh, and the overclock is 3.2Ghz (291x11)

Is it safe? Thanks. I'll check tom morning.
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Are you guys sure? The max is 73.3C. Since running IBT produces a temp of 63. I assume that Orthos/Prime is lower in term of temps and I'll use this CPU for gaming and daily tasks such as surfing the web and listening to music.
you are perfectly fine especially if you have a hotter ambient....now if you are working in a 25C ambient then those temps maybe a bit high..

but you said you could probably lower voltage slightly...so I believe you are A-ok.

During the hottest part of the day with no AC running in my house...I haven't used it since September..in AZ my ambient reaches 84F which is 29C...my CPU with burn test reaches 60C after hours of it. But during the night it'll only reach 55C. Thats with the stock cooler also.

--70--/--75--75-- Hot
--65--/--70--70-- Warm
--60--/--65--65-- Safe
--25--/--30--30-- Cool

general idea of temps, I suggest manually setting voltage and start from where it is auto and lower it a notch until it becomes unstable. Your temps should be able to decrease by a few degrees.
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I might get a new cooler then. It's 66F in my house right now and I lowered the voltage to 1.33xx and it loads at 58C max.
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