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Hi guys im new to this kind of game so sorry if i sound like a noob.

So, 3 days ago my samson microphone is still working properly. I usually use it for recording and gaming. Then 2 days ago when i want to use it for gaming, the mic is not working. The speaker is fine and the light on the mic is blue. Then i restart my computer. After i restart my computer the mic is working again. And then yesterday when i want to use it (for gaming), the mic is not working again. And again, the speaker is fine and the light is blue. Then i try to do what i did 2 days ago. But, the problem is still there. I tried to update the driver with driver booster and its still not working.

I read one thread that says his samson mic is not working then i read a comment says i need to try sound deck from samson.
And the program says :

Like i said im a noob so please help me guys.

SOLVED, sorry, turns out i just need to update the driver from driverpack solution.
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